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Clean power increases productivity.

As heavy consumers of electrical power, data centres are a target for a variety of energy reduction programs. DATA CENTRE consist of predominantly non- linear loads like UPS, COMPUTERS, VFDs, POWER SUPPLIES.

However, all these non – linear loads contribute enormously introduce serious power quality issues by generating 3RD, 5TH , 7TH ,…. Harmonic distortion can overheat systems, overuse power, damage equipment, and even cause entire system to fail. In an industry where reliability is crucial, harmonics must be reduced to manageable levels. WAVEFORMS offers proven and reliable harmonic mitigation equipment for data centres where VFDs are now in expanding use.

And even though most computer power supplies are now power factor corrected which lowers their current harmonics, they are not harmonic free. When a data centre is more heavily loaded, higher neutral currents and voltage distortion can still be a concern. WAVEFORMS harmonics mitigation solutions ensure reliability by safeguarding the electrical distribution system from harmonic disruptions. By reducing harmonics, they prevent the electrical power distribution from becoming distorted while boosting energy efficiency and saving energy.

Our robust, cost effective & reliable soultions for data centre,

Advance Universal Harmonics Filter Harmonics in Data Centres Harmonics Mitigating Transformer Reactor

Features & Benefits


Proved to reduce harmonics on the data center systems.


Frees up system capacity by restoring VSD to near unity power factor.


Will not resonate with other power system components or attract line side harmonics.


Improved system capacity and voltage regulation.


Cost effective harmonics reduction solution.


Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses.

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