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Choose the most economical, efficient and eco friendly lightning solution.

Light does not only illuminate objects. It also dramatically enhances the atmosphere of living spaces as well as allows for the occupants to feel more relaxed. LED lighting, in particular, offers greater energy savings along with higher colour rendering properties, opening up a new realm of possibilities. WAVEFORMS is an authorised dealer for Panasonic, continued to advance lighting in terms of technology, quality, and design methods for spaces.

IEC Standards 60598 (Safety) & 61347 (Performance) Confirmed to BIS standards, IS 16102 (PART 1), IS 10322 (PART 5/SEC 1), IS 15885 (PART 2/SEC 13).

Surge Protection:
A Panasonic LED’s driver has a surge voltage resistance upto 2.5 KV, which protects the light against strong thunderstorms.

Wide Voltage Range Wide:
input voltage range (80-400V)* *LED Bulb (95-330V) Voltage fluctuations are common in most places in India, so Panasonic LEDs have a wide operating voltage range.

Fire Resistance:
Panasonic LEDs use a Class V0 polycarbonate material which does not catch fire. This ensures that the fire does not spread to the other electrical equipments during short circuits.

Uniform Lighting:
Panasonic LEDs have a uniform arrangement of LEDs and use a wide diffuser to ensure uniform lighting.

Consistent Light Output:
With the UV-Stabilised Polycarbonate Diffuser, light output remains the same for a long time, which also prevents the diffuser from yellowing.

Better Heat Dissipation:
High quality housing and design leads to better heat management and maintains the initial brightness up to 50,000 burning hours.

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Features & Benefits


Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses while operating at >99% efficiency.


Guaranteed to meet IEEE Std 519 for both current and voltage distortion at the input terminals.


Low capacitive reactance also eliminates the need for capacitor switching contactors (contactors are available on request).


Will not resonate with other power system components or attract line side harmonics.


Suppresses overvoltages caused by commutation notching, capacitor switching and other fast changing loads.


Frees up system capacity by restoring VSD to near unity power factor.

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