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Clean power protects your assets.

Power quality is major aspects of electrical power system which enables to supply clean and stable power to the equipment and this can be guaranteed with reliable partners like WAVEFORMS.

Nonlinear loads are continuously on the increase, during the next 10 years, more than 60% of the loads on utility systems will be nonlinear. Also much of the electronic load growth involves residential sector and household appliances. Concerns for harmonics originate from meeting a certain power quality, which leads to the related issues of (1) effects on the operation of electrical equipment, (2) harmonic analysis, and (3) harmonic control. A growing number of consumer loads are sensitive to poor power quality, & it is estimated that power quality problems cost indian industry tens of billions of rupees per year. Although the expanded use of automation and power electronics is leading to higher productivity, these heavy loads are a source of electrical noise & harmonics and are less tolerant to poor power quality.

Deleterious effects on electrical equipment by harmonics:

1. Capacitor bank failure because of reactive power overload, resonance, and harmonic amplification, Nuisance tripping operation.

2. Excessive losses, heating, harmonic torques, and oscillations in induction and synchronous machines, which may give rise to torsional stresses.

3. Increase in negative sequence current loading of synchronous generators, endangering the rotor circuit and windings.

4. Generation of harmonic fluxes and increase in flux density in transformers, eddy current heating, and consequent derating.

5. Overvoltages and excessive currents in the power system, resulting from resonance.

6. Derating of cables due to additional eddy current heating and skin effect losses. A possible dielectric breakdown.

WAVEFORMS offers a unique solutions which are best in power quality units with a proven performance for lowering harmonics caused by variable frequency drives (vfds), power supplies furnace & ups. Our products are rugged, robust, reliable & cost effective, one works on both the line (input) side and load (output) side to give you an easy solution that reduces nuisance tripping, reduces harmonic distortion, minimizes power losses & maximizes productivity.


Reactors are used when the prospective short circuit current in a distribution or transmission system is calculated to exceed the interrupting rating of the associated switchgear. The amount of protection that a current limiting reactor offers depends upon the percentage increase in impedance that it provides for the system. WAVEFORMS offers reactors which provide effective reduction of harmonics and can help you meet IEEE-519 requirements.

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WAVEFORMS Harmonic Terminator is a purely unique passive device consisting of a revolutionary new multi-winding inductor combined with a relatively small capacitor bank. Its innovative design achieves reduction of all the major harmonic currents generated by VSD's and other similar 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier loads. The resulting ITHD is reduced to < 10 - 15% and often as low as 8%. Our products will meet IEEE519 standard for both voltage & current distortions.

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Features & Benefits


Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses while operating at >99% efficiency.


Guaranteed to meet IEEE Std 519 for both current and voltage distortion at the input terminals.


Low capacitive reactance also eliminates the need for capacitor switching contactors (contactors are available on request).


Will not resonate with other power system components or attract line side harmonics.


Suppresses overvoltages caused by commutation notching, capacitor switching and other fast changing loads.


Frees up system capacity by restoring VSD to near unity power factor.

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