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Power Quality Audit

Monitor and improve your reliability & efficiency

The Power Quality Audit (PQA), is a service offered by the WAVEFORMS gives you technical support centre that checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organisation's electrical system.

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Our scope of work

1. The Loads consists of Moulding, stamping, tool room, UPS, automotive Load, industrial Load, HV cable assembly, compress load and lighting loads.

2. Power analysis will be conducted for PCC, MV panel, subpanels and on all the Loads and the following Parameters shall be observed, stored and down loaded for further analysis.

3. KW, KVA, KVAR, voltage and current Harmonics up-to 50th, Sags, Swells, Crest Factor, K factor, Peak currents. Harmonic resonance (amplification of Harmonics) and Voltage and current imbalances.

4. Electrical efficiency of drives, UPS and its Power quality at input and output.

5. Our focus will be on the Nonlinear loads generating Harmonics and their impact on other loads and capacitor Banks.

6. Sizing of Power factor banks and its Placement to improve power factor of Loads, and avoid interaction of Harmonics with Loads to avoid resonance and preventing damage to capacitors and also capacitors turning as Harmonic sinks.

7. After the study and analysis of data stored we interpret the data simulate conditions using software like matlab to provide cost effective, reliable, robust and durable solution to Improve Power quality, electrical efficiency, reliability of operation and reduction of carbon foot print.

Objective of Power Quality Study


To study the voltage distortion and current distortion caused by harmonics at MV panel and PCC.


To provide solution to mitigate Harmonics thereby improve power quality, efficiency & reliability.


Cost reduction: Technical cost consisting of loss of capacity on energy distribution line.


To identify harmonics in loads generating Harmonics (Non Linear Loads).


To study its impact on other loads and capacitor banks.


Economic costs reduction, which can be economically quantified, although being difficult.

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