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Our Products

Power Quality

Our Product are best-in class power quality units with a proven performance for lowering harmonics caused by variable frequency drives (VFDs), Furnace & UPS. Our products are rugged & robust, they work on both the line (input) side & load (output) side to give you an easy solution that reduces nuisance tripping, reduces harmonic distortion and minimizes long lead effects.

Harmonics Mitigating Transformer

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers, or HMTs, are specifically designed to minimize the voltage distortion and power losses that result from the harmonics generated by non-linear loads such as personal computers. K-rated transformers, on the other hand, are simply designed to prevent their overheating when subjected to heavy non-linear loading, but do very little to reduce the harmonic losses themselves. And as for voltage distortion, they perform virtually no better than conventional delta-wye transformers.

Data Center

As heavy consumers of electrical power, data centres are a target for a variety of energy reduction programs. And with their ability to significantly reduce induction motor power consumption, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) have recently been finding many more applications in data centres in chillers, chilled water pumps, cooling tower fans & computer room air conditioners (CRACs). WAVEFORMS harmonics mitigation solutions ensure reliability by safeguarding electrical distribution system from harmonic disruptions & also boosting energy efficiency and saving energy.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction systems are designed to automatically turn power factor correction capacitors on or off to maintain a desired target power factor under varying load conditions on the low voltage distribution systems of industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities. WAVEFORMS design team are experienced and possess the desired expertise to assist you in assessing your requirement accurately. We are well equipped with the tools (including simulation software) to analyse and predict your requirement based on the type of load of your electric system.

Led Lighting

Light does not only illuminate objects. It also dramatically enhances the atmosphere of living spaces as well as allows for the occupants to feel more relaxed. LED lighting, in particular, offers greater energy savings along with higher colour rendering properties, opening up a new realm of possibilities. WAVEFORMS is an authorised dealer for Panasonic, continued to advance lighting in terms of technology, quality, and design methods for spaces.

Power Conditioning

WAVEFORMS has been consistently delivering world class products that are preferred by many customers over years. Our power conditioning solutions are equipped with latest technology at state-of-the-art expertize. Our credential lies in satisfaction of over 200+ customer base. We Assure your needs and delivers optimum power conditioning equipments offer wide range of UPS, Inverter, Stabilizers, Zig zag transformer, Isolation transformer & harmonics filters meeting good power quality gives competitive advantages.

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