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Harmonics Mitigating Transformer

HMTs are an economical solution in the battle against the harmful effects of harmonics. Harmonic Mitigating Transformers are specially designed to reduce system voltage distortion in addition to reducing the heating effects caused by the harmonic currents. This is accomplished by canceling load generated harmonic fluxes and currents within the transformers windings.

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Single Output HMT

WAVEFORMS Single output HMT has special secondary interconnections designed by our electrical engineers producing a cancellation of the 3rd, 9th, 15th harmonics (triplets). We build a transformer with a Delta primary and a double interconnected winding secondary to cancel the triplen (zero sequence harmonics). thereby improving power factor.
1. Off-loading neutral conductors
2. Lowering losses and reducing operating temperatures in distribution transformers
3. Lowering voltage distortion
4. Lowering neutral-to-ground voltage
5. Improving power factor

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Dual Output HMT

The HMT is equipped with dual 3-phase, 4-wire outputs. Each output has low zero phase sequence impedance which treats triplen harmonics in much the same way as the single output HMT.
1. Zero phase sequence harmonic fluxes are cancelled by the transformers secondary windings which prevent triplen harmonic currents being induced and circulated into the primary winding. Consequently, primary side I2R & eddy current losses are reduced.
2. Multiple output HMT's cancel the balanced portion of 5th, 7th & other harmonics within secondary windings leaving unbalanced portions of these harmonics flowing through primary windings. Again I2R & eddy current losses are reduced.

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Neutral Harmonics Eliminator

The Neutral Harmonics Eliminator is a parallel-connected, electromagnetic, zero sequence filter that removes 3rd and 9th harmonic currents as well as other zero sequence currents (Io) from the neutral conductor.
1. Divert harmonic currents away from neutral and supply transformer
2. Reduce voltage distortion caused by harmonic currents
3. Reduce high neutral current and neutral-to-ground voltage.

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