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Power Factor Correction

Today, with the heavy proliferation of non-linear loads, low power factor on a power system is often the result of a high distortion reactive power component and not inductive reactive power. Therefore, one can no longer say that low power factor is normally caused by electric motors and other inductive loads. And since the best way to improve a poor power factor caused by non-linear loads is to remove the harmonic currents, the traditional means of adding power factor correction capacitors is, quite often, no longer suitable due to proliferation of non linear loads like drives. In fact, simply adding capacitors may often make the problem worse as they can resonate with the power system inductance.

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line reactor

Automatic Power Factor Correction

Automatic power factor correction systems are designed to automatically turn power factor correction capacitors on or off, advantages of using APFC are.
• Reduction in overheating of transformers, switchgears, motors and cables
• Reduction in failure of PFC capacitors, PLCs, motors, transformers and cables
• Lesser current in neutral conductors
• Prevention of mal-operation of electronic equipments and cards
• No errors in energy meters, counters, PLCs and other sensitive equipments
• No production downtime, thus increased profitability for the industry
• Avoid nuisance tripping of breakers, fuses and protection relays.

sine wave filter

Detuned Power Factor Correction

We WAVEFORMS have plausible solution for power factor correction with anti-resonant filter, which basically helps to block the harmonics and improve the reliability, durability and decrease the power consumption.
• Precise filter circuit frequency matching
• High quality reactors
• Temperature protection in the event of overload
• Filter circuit reactors with high linearity and low loss
• Generous space/ power-ratio
• Generously dimensioned cooling system
• High quality capacitors and filter circuit reactors with 100 % duty cycle
• Capacitors with fivefold safety
• PFC controller with 8-way alarm message
• Optimised thermal design

zig zag reactorr

Dynamic Power Factor Correction

The usage of new technologies in modern industries claims for faster, more dynamic power factor correction.
• Improved power quality i.e. high inrush currents from power capacitors are avoided
• Filter circuit reactors with high linearity & 100% duty cycle
• Reduction of harmonics distortion
• The lifespan of PFC systems is increased
• The safety of the full system is significantly increased
• Extremely rapid regulation of the power factor & therefore consequential reduction of reactive power costs & kWh losses
• Voltage stabilisation (e.g. network support during start-up phase for large motors)
• Improved utilization for energy distribution (transformers, cable, switch gear etc.) through the elimination of power peaks
• Process times can be shortened (e.g. welding)

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