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Reactors are used when the prospective short circuit current in a distribution or transmission system is calculated to exceed the interrupting rating of the associated switchgear. The amount of protection that a current limiting reactor offers depends upon the percentage increase in impedance that it provides for the system. WAVEFORMS offers reactors which provide effective reduction of harmonics and can help you meet IEEE-519 requirements.

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line reactor

Line Reactor

WAVEFORMS Input Reactors are best-in power quality units with a proven performance for lowering harmonics caused by any 4 or 6-pulse rectifier, variable frequency drives (VFDs) & can help you meet IEEE-519 requirements. This product is available for a full line of currents (1A to 1,500A) & a full line of impedance options (3% 5% and 8%). It is rugged & robust providing reduction in nuisance tripping, harmonic distortion & long lead effects. The resulting ITHD is reduced to < 40 - 50% & often as low as 30%.

sine wave filter

Sine Wave Filter

There is nothing better for Motor protection than our SineWave Filter, an optimum filter delivering unequalled performance in cleaning the PWM WAVEFORMS generated by VFDs. It eliminates high frequency content & voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating thereby extending motor life & less downtime. It also offers incredible reliability & durability, tolerating higher ambient temperatures, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

zig zag reactorr

Zig-Zag Reactor

One of the specially designed reactor consist of forward and reverse winding which diminish the harmonics level especially 5th & 7th and improve the overall system performance. This renowned product offers you more desirable, satisfactory and economically power saving one.

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