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Power Quality Audit

The Power Quality Audit (PQA), is a service offered by the WAVEFORMS gives you technical support centre that checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organisation's electrical system. Power analysis will be conducted for PCC, MV panel, subpanels and on all the Loads and the following Parameters shall be observed, stored and down loaded for further analysis. Contact our expert to know how this analysis can be a game changer.

Power Factor Services

Power Factor Correction provide well-known benefits to electric power systems. Each company’s power system is unique, and that’s why there are no fixed or out-of-the-box solutions when it comes to power factor correction. Get in contact with our power factor correction experts to discuss what your company’s power system needs are and learn how Power Factor Services can help save your company money and helps to reduce your energy consumption.

UPS, Inverters & LED Services

The service life of UPS, INVERTER, CVT, STABLIZER & LEDS depends on factors like load specifications (percentage, linearity & variability) & the operating environment (temperature, humidity, level of pollution). To maintain running efficiency & avoid system downtime with possible risks & damage, it is important to have the manufacturer’s expertise to perform regular preventive maintenance.

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